We offer a wide variety of cleaning services from spill cleanup, hot pressure washing and more. With safety in mind, our highly trained crews are readily available to mobilize to your next project. We understand that we must minimize or prevent downtime to assist our clients in maximizing their profits. We accomplish this by understanding their businesses and executing carefully planned industrial cleaning projects.


Bulk Tanker

With our fleet of late model heavy duty semi trucks, accompanied with bulk vacuum/transport tankers, Waste Recovery Systems can handle any hauling job large or small. We specialize in food by-product hauling, leachate (landfill water) and sewer plant/industrial waste water. We also offer emergency by-pass pumping services.


Cleaning a sewer line with an Easement Machine

With our large fleet of specialty pipeline cleaning equipment, we can handle your next project. Unlike most pipeline cleaning companies, we offer cleaning services for pipes down to 2″. Our combination trucks offer vacuum cleaning along side of high pressure water jetting services. If your sewer system is located off road, we also offer easement cleaning to help reach remote areas. Waste Recovery has engineered specialty tools proprietary to our company to help with difficult cleaning situations.




capitol, pipelining
We recently completed a Televising/Pipelining project at the Michigan State Capitol Building.

Sewer systems are normally thought about last on projects as they are out of sight out of mind. From our micro push cameras for smaller lines to our lateral launch main line cameras for large diameter sewer pipes, we have you covered for all televising needs. We offer lateral inspection from the main line so residents are not disturbed. Our PACP Certified Technicians will provide you with highly informative video and reports about your sewer system.



Hydroexcavating around utilities.

With America’s growing infrastructure system, we have more utilities in the ground than ever. Hydro excavation is a safe method to locate these buried utilities. We can precisely dig by way of Vacuum Excavation and minimize property disruption. We offer slot trenching and potholing/day-lighting. No job is too large or too small. With our remote digging method, we can go from removing material in a basement to working up to 200ft from the truck.



grease trap
Removing an Indoor Grease Trap and relocating outside a food plant.New Grease Trap outside.

From working in a highly restricted food area, to industrial pit cleaning, Waste Recovery is geared for in-plant jobs. With GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in mind, rest assured your plant is safe while we perform the task at hand. Our highly trained crews have thousands of hours working in and around highly sensitive work environments.



Industrial Vacuum Truck

With our large fleet of vacuum trucks, Waste Recovery Systems can provide you with the right equipment for the job. We offer Frac Tank cleaning, Oil Water Separator cleaning, Industrial Grease Trap Pumping, Trench Cleaning, Bulk Storage Tank Vacuuming, Catch Basin and Manhole cleaning plus much more.



Accident scene cleanup.

When disaster hits contact Waste Recovery for emergency spill cleanups for prompt professional service. Our phones our answered 24/7.


We offer a single access pipe relining system to rehabilitate existing service laterals without the need of extensive digging and liability.

Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining is one of the biggest breakthroughs in Trenchless Technology in the past 35 years. With this new Trenchless Technology we are able to repair damaged sewer and drain pipes with no to limited excavation or damage to your property/facility. Lateral Lining is cost-effective and in most cases quick. The end result is a structural repair that exceeds ASTM F1216 Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Specification. Plus, the lined pipe is stronger than the existing host pipe! While keeping business/production in motion!

CIPP Advantages:

  • Formulated Epoxy Resins
  • Re-Line 22’s, 45’s & Sweeping 90’s
  • NSF Standard 14 Approved
  • Eliminate Root Intrusion
  • Bridge Missing Pipe Sections
  • Increase Flow Efficiency
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years (Tested)
  • Non-Woven / No Stretch Liner
  • Single Point of Access for Lining
  • Seal Open Joints
  • Prevent Pipe Failure
  • Reline 4″ to 6″ Transitions
  • Stop Infiltration / Ex-Filtration
  • IAPMO Certified



Pipe AFTER CIP Lining


Mobile pipe lining unit (CIPP)
Mobile pipe lining unit (CIPP)
Inside view of Mobile CIPP unit
Inside view of Mobile CIPP unit